Team 91 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does my son or daughter need to play at a Team 91 Lacrosse program?
A: Unless your son is participating in an Intro Academy (stick only), all boys will need full equipment. This includes; helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, stick, cleats, athletic supporter, and a mouthpiece. Please have them bring water as well. Girls will need a women’s lacrosse stick and a pair of goggles.

Q: My son is going to miss a session, do I need to let anyone know?
No. We understand there is life outside of lacrosse.

Q: What is my role as a parent and how can I help my son and Team 91 Lacrosse?
Be patient. This is a process. We spend a ton of time and energy working with all of the athletes we coach and they are not going to radically change their game over night. If they work at it as hard as they can and they listen to our coaches, they will continue to improve. You will see a heavy amount of instruction early on with all of our programs and you will see it pay off in the future.

Be supportive. You are bringing your son to us to teach him how to play lacrosse and grow as a young man/lady. We have some very good coaches and role models. Please let our coaches’ coach and be realistic with the expectations you have for your son or daughter. Regardless of what they do well or poorly, recognize you as a parent are lucky that you got to watch them play a game and run around with friends. In 10 years, they are not going to remember whether they won or lost a game. However, they will remember the relationships they developed with coaches, other athletes and you as a parent.

Q: Outside of the Team 91 programs, how can my son or daughter improve?
If your son or daughter wants to improve as a lacrosse player, they should have their stick in their hands as much as possible. They should start by playing wall ball for 30 minutes to 1hr every day. After wall ball, your son or daughter should be working on their speed and athleticism by running sprints and jumping rope. If your son or daughter can catch, throw and run. They will have much more success on the lacrosse field. We regret to inform you that we have not found a way for athletes to become better lacrosse players without working as hard as they possibly can to develop better stick skills and become a better athlete.

Most of our coaches are also available for private lessons everyday of the week for all positions and ages. If you are interested in scheduling a 1-on-1 session or a small group session, please contact us at

Q: What if I have a question or concern not covered here?
Please email us at